Nottingham wedding photographer
Nottingham wedding photographer

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I’m Magda ,

a Nottingham wedding photographer

shooting weddings that

feel like you

Enjoy the moment

I’ll do the rest

Shooting weddings gives me that kick I love: there is fashion, style, light, and incredible locations. Then there are connections between people and all the moments that would have disappeared if I hadn’t documented them.

I aim to walk into your wedding being someone ‘extra’: someone who’ll capture moments you don’t see, someone who can help adjust your veil with a bobby pin or get you a glass of water. I never pull focus from your day or get in the way, no way Jose…

My photography aims to capture the mood and atmosphere of your day.

I focus on aesthetics and the exchange of emotions between people. My wedding photography is honest, relaxed, intimate, and still. 

Natural with a hint of editorial 

wedding photography in Nottingham

I’m an artist and I want to create something beautiful for you


About me


Why choose me as your wedding photographer?

I’ve shot lots of weddings over the years and I know how much hope and expectation goes into us photographers. Memories might fade away but you will re-live the day through the photographs so it’s important to get it right.

I want the whole experience to be easy for you – I want you to not have to think about me on your wedding day. I’ll be doing the right things at the right moments. I’ll stay in the background for all the important moments, help you look your best, or get the attention of your boozed-up bridal party when I need to. You just have a good time, ok?

I love working with couples who value art and photography. Couples who don’t care too much about traditions. If this sounds like you, I’d love to chat!

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More than just a wedding day…

As anyone planning a wedding knows, it’s so much more than just one day! There are so many things to think about in the months leading up to it, which is why I aim to make the photography side of things as stress-free as possible – before, during and after the big day itself.

before your wedding

I want you to enjoy your experience of working with me from our very first email. I’ll take the time to get to know you both and chat through all the details of the day. We’ll talk about the type of photos you like – and don’t like – and I’ll give you hints and tips on making the day go smoothly, as well as useful info on your chosen venue.

Nottingham wedding photographer

on the day

I’ll be there for as long as you need me and will provide a reassuring presence throughout the day. Aside from the traditional posed pictures (if you want them) you can largely forget about me. I’ll mingle with your guests, chat with your uncle and, by the end of the day, you’ll feel like I’m part of your gang!

after your wedding

I know you’ll be itching to get your hands on your photos, so I’ll send a handful of preview pictures as soon as I possibly can. I’m always as excited to see them as you. Obviously, editing them all to the highest possible standards takes time but, once done, you’ll get your own online gallery.

“Magda is a brilliant photographer who managed to capture all the emotions of our wedding day in her photos. Her genuine enthusiasm is infectious and she brings such passion to her work. For the non formal, more interesting album definitely choose Magda!”

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Are you ready?

Let’s chat!

I’m not the type of wedding photographer who wants things to be perfect. My couples are relaxed, like to have fun, and want someone to capture all the little moments that make the wedding day. They don’t want to stand around for hours and pose for pictures. They want to have the best day with the people they love and they want their pictures to reflect that. If this sounds like you, I’d love to chat!