Wedding portraits of just the two of you

When you picture your wedding photos, chances are you’re thinking of some great shots of the two of you. Yes, you want the bridesmaids, the grandmas and the dodgy dancing, the flowers, the confetti and the friends from far away. But that gorgeous shot of you and your other half, well… that’s the one you’ll frame, the one your parents frame, the one your grandma frames… The One.

A lot of couples worry about having those photos taken. That’s totally natural. When it’s just the two of you in front of the camera, there’s that nagging fear that you might freeze, feel silly or be asked to pose in a cheesy way. I get it. And I promise it won’t be like that. Honestly.

I want you to love this part of your day. It’s often the first chance you’ll get to catch your breath, have some quiet time together and actually take it all in. You’re married! Actually married. After all that plotting and planning and wishing and waiting. Yay for you two!

A little time out.

I usually recommend you allow about 30 min – 1h for your couple portraits. We can do it all in one go, or split it into two if you’d like some shots once it’s getting dark too. If you’re worried about being away from your guests (and your party!), it works well to start when they go in for dinner. They’ll take about half an hour to find the table plan, their table, their seat and their wine, so we’ll have plenty of time to take some great shots.

The perfect spot.

I’ve learnt lots of ways to put people at ease – and the first is whisking you away from the crowd.

If you’re game for hitching up your dress and hopping into a neighbouring field, or taking a short walk to a cool industrial spot, I promise it’ll be worth it. And if you’d rather stay close to your guests, that’s ok too. I’ll scout the venue for some lovely spots and backdrops ahead of time.

Taking it easy.

Once we’re in a great place, there are a few things I often do to capture those really authentic, beautiful shots. I’ll position you in front of that perfect background, where the light is spot on, and I might suggest you stand in a certain way, hold hands or look in a particular direction. It’s not about pushing you into anything that feels forced, it’s just about getting you to pose in a subtle, natural way that makes you look – frankly – gorgeous.

Getting the giggles.

You’re not in that boring meeting now – giggles are good! To shake out all those photo shoot nerves, I might ask you some questions, get you to talk about something, or say something funny to each other. Don’t panic! I won’t take photos where you look silly ( at least you want to!) I just want to capture you as you really are together, bringing out the big, natural smiles and laughter that really show that open, honest intimacy between you.

Still panicking? It’s ok! Just take a look at some of the shots in my wedding gallery. Those lovely, happy people look relaxed don’t they? They look beautiful don’t they? And so will you! So trust me, relax and remember that the more you enjoy yourself, the more amazing your photos will be.


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