Designing your wedding album

Designing a wedding album

After the whirlwind of your wedding and the hush of your honeymoon, getting started on your wedding album can feel like a bit of a mammoth task. With hundreds of photos to look through – and probably loads you love – picking out your absolute favourites isn’t easy.

Here’s the trick. Take a structured approach. Do it bit by bit, breaking down your day into sections and conquering one at a time. It’s the way I work when I’m putting together albums for my newlyweds and it might just be a great template for you too.

Photographer led or DIY?

I use a bespoke wedding album company for all of my wedding books. It took me a while to settle on a company I really loved, but these guys are good and I love what they do. I work with my couples to pick their favourite shots, design the layouts myself and send them off to my print company so they can work their magic.

You’ll need to make sure the shots you use are print resolution, otherwise they won’t look as sharp as they should. I send all of my couples print resolution downloads, so if you’ve been working with me, you’re good to go!

Telling your story

For me, the secret of a good wedding album is telling your story in a balanced, chronological way, moving through the day from start to end. That way, whenever you open it, you’ll feel like you’re reliving the experience, just the way it was.

I’d recommend a good mix of documentary images, portraits, detail shots and group shots to make sure the album flows well. Too much of one and not enough of another can make your book feel a bit disjointed.

When I’m working with couples on their wedding albums, I ask them to pick images from a number of different categories so I know we’ve covered all the different aspects of their big day.

My go-to photo categories:

  • Getting ready
  • Guests arriving
  • The ceremony
  • The reception (candid and / or posed shots)
  • The speech
  • The first dance (one or two shots)
  • The dancing / party
  • Couples portraits

How many photos should I pick?

Whittling down hundreds of photos to your favourite few is never going to be easy, but it’ll be worth it. I usually suggest an album with about 30 pages (so 15 spreads).

Based on that, I’d start with about 40 people-based images. You could then add another five to ten detail shots – of things like the dress, shoes, suits or flowers. Obviously if you’d like to have more photos you can just add extra pages – and I often suggest this to squeeze in some extra shots of the reception or the dancing.

Only favourites allowed!

Your wedding album is all yours, so don’t ever feel there are shots you really should include just to get a photo of a certain person in. Just choose the photos you really love – the ones that remind you how you really felt on your big day.

This can be tricky if you’re planning to print copy albums for your parents or your in-laws, so it might be worth designing theirs separately to give everyone the album they really want. But equally I can easy just make copies of your main album.

If you’re designing the album yourself using one of the photo book companies, remember chronological order will help the whole album make sense – and leave plenty of white space so all those lovely photos have room to breathe! Check sites like Photobox and Blurb – they are great help when putting together your own book!

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