Pre-wedding shoots

Pre-wedding shoots in Nottingham

Pre-wedding shoots are happening before your wedding, in your regular clothes, and without time pressure. By nature, they are more relaxed and help you to experience working with a professional photographer before your wedding. 

Some people love and want them, some people don’t feel the need. We are all different and that’s ok. I like getting to know you as much as I can before your wedding day and these shoots are great opportunities to get chatting. 

Pre-wedding shoots are awesome for two reasons – firstly because you will have the opportunity to see how you look in professional photos (I personally, don’t smile enough and need to be constantly reminded to not look grumpy!). 

Secondly, it will allow us to establish how adventurous you are – I will never ask you to do something that you don’t feel comfortable with but you can only know where are your boundaries, once you are on the shoot with me. But seriously don’t worry too much – it’s not going to be anything scary…but it might involve things like kissing in public, hugging, treading through mud, or simply just being giddy and silly. 

I usually do engagement shoots only on weekdays due to working at weddings at weekends. I do travel for them within an hour from Nottingham or to London and the Peak District if you are happy to cover my travel. 

I’ve written a short blog about locations and what to wear to your engagement shoot so if you are considering one, have a read here.