Loving the way you look in your wedding photos

When I first meet brides and grooms, I hear the same worries again and again. People tell me they’re not very photogenic, or they’re not keen on how their nose / ankles / tummy looks. They joke about photoshopping their least favourite bits out. They’re anxious. A lot.

I get it. I totally do. Everyone wants to look gorgeous in their wedding photos, but not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera, or likes how they’ve looked in pictures in the past.

There are loads of photos of me on Facebook that make me cringe. But do you know what? They’re all there because other people thought they were great photos of nice, funny, memorable moments we shared. In fact, I’ve dug out a couple for you. I’m not looking perfect, I think we can agree, but I’m definitely having fun and that’s what makes me love these photos.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately and I’ve started being kinder to myself about my looks. I mean, nobody’s perfect, but we’re all unique and that’s the beautiful part.

Think about your fiancé. Do you think they’re hot? Probably. Are they absolutely 100% perfect? Probably not. But you love those little imperfections because you love that person as a whole. The truth is, we’re all very self-critical. I know I am. Why? Well, partly because you see perfection on a daily basis – on TV, in magazines, on Instagram… everywhere.

Then when your wedding day comes along – the day you’ve had forever to look forward to – you realise you’re going to be centre of attention all day long. That’s right – the nose you’re not too keen on, the chin you’d rather disappeared, it’s going to be photographed all day long – eeek!

Ok breathe. My job as a wedding photographer is to capture you looking amazing, and I will. I’ll catch you laughing, smiling, dancing, kissing. I’ll catch you looking down the barrel of the lens and I’ll catch you when you’re wrapped up in the moment and you’ve no idea I’m there.

I’ll take a lot of photos. And I mean a lot. I’ll handpick the most beautiful and I’ll work with you to choose your favourites. But you know what the key to really loving your wedding photos is? Loving yourself and losing yourself in the moment. Stop scrutinising your ankles and look up at the amazing time you’re having, the fantastic friends dancing like crazy around you, the big grin on your fiancé’s face, the confetti catching the breeze. They’re all part of the picture too.

Wedding Inspiration at Doddington Hall in Lincolnshire. Voves reneval of Danielle and Paul.Featured on Rock My Wedding, photographed by Magda K

So be happy! Smile, laugh, pout, be playful, have fun. The camera loves happy, relaxed people and I always get the best shots when people are just enjoying themselves, soaking up the day and feeling the love from their friends and family.

It’s your wedding day and it really is the most special, unique day. All those people watching you? They’re there because they love you and they want to celebrate with a dance, a squeeze and a good few drinks. And that many people can’t be wrong, can they?

My role as a wedding photographer is to create a story based on how wonderful your wedding day was. I want to make you feel things every time you look at those photos, for years and years and years. I want to give you memories that come to life time and time again. And I hope that by giving you those memories, I’ll be giving you a great reason to forgive yourself for not always looking flawless and just fall in love with your whole, amazing day.

Magda xxx

p.s. Photos aside, be kind to yourself and ease up on the pressure. You’re perfect just the way you are! x


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