Hi, I’m


female wedding photographer

I like to have a good time

This pretty much tells you everything

that you need to know about me.

but if you are a curious soul read on

about me

Let’s start with all the juicy details.

I have a big heart and I feel life. Now in my 40s, I have a desire to be more honest: in my work, my attitude, and with my friends and family.

I am one of those women that people often call ‘strong’. I cry at John Lewis Xmas adverts and I’ll also refuse to share a room with a spider. So, I’m not sure how this ‘strong’ label works really – may be due to my ability to not give up.

I do give a f*** about what I do. I identify with what I create: I bring attention to detail, expertise, and quality photography. I’m an artist and I want to create something beautiful all the time.

I know a thing or

two about love

When I started wedding photography I never thought about this aspect of my job: big insight into what love is.

Love can be so many things, right? It can be in the touch, a little sweet gesture but also in the eyes and words. I love LOVE….but back to me…( seriously how are you still reading this?!)

I did some big life stuff, that I’m proud of: I built this and my other business, travelled the world on a shoestring, and moved to the UK.

“I was so lucky to find Magda as our wedding photographer. She was amazing! Not only did she take stunning photos capturing all of our special moments she was also great to be around, she’s has such an nice energy about her, exactly what you need on your big day. I cant recommend her enough.”

A bit of a back story

I was born in Poland and lived there till I was about 25. I finished Uni and came to England, avoiding getting a job straight out of Uni (told you, I like to have a good time!). I settled down in Nottingham with my partner Scott and a tabby cat Moon. I’m now half Polish and half English as I lived in both countries for roughly the same amount of time – a little fact for ya.

always about fun

I’m always trying to find a fun way to go about life and running my business. I respect nature and as I live close to the Peak District I often go on hiking adventures.

I’m full of passions – fashion is one of them, and so are traveling, exercising, art, and music.

I grew up with rave, but these days I’m more into yoga – ha! Still, I love dancing and I think dancing is cathartic for my soul.

Nottingham wedding photographer
Nottingham wedding photographer

things I love

Feeling inspired, long honest talks (with wine!) belly laughs, and photography.

My favourite cities:




New York

Things I don’t like:



‘No’ attitudes

My favourite drinks:

Cocktails – Negroni or Espresso Martini

Wine – Red when it’s cold, white on a hot summer’s day

The real crazy comes out when the kettle is boiled. I might as well carry the UK passport based on my love for tea.





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