I tell stories with my pictures. And these ones are true. They’re the story of your day told in raw, honest emotions – that’s what makes them so beautiful. From the look in his eye when he first sees you, to the cake-smudged faces of your littlest guests, I won’t miss a moment.


Your wedding day should be lots of gorgeous fun, and that’s something I always bring along. I know so many couples worry about feeling awkward in front of the camera, but I promise to put you completely at ease, so you feel relaxed and enjoy every lovely minute.


As a female wedding photographer, I like to use softness and femininity to add real atmosphere to your pictures. I’ll get to know you both so I can tell your story in a unique, distinctive way that feels beautiful, every time you look at your photos.


It takes a mix of styles to make the perfect wedding album, and there’s always room for some really beautiful, iconic photos, like you’d find in a wedding magazine. Yes, these are a little more posed than most of my photos, but I’ll capture them in a natural way that reflects who you are.


I’ve always been drawn to art and fashion, and I love bringing these elements into my wedding photography. It’s about playing with light and shadows creatively to set the mood of your day.


For me, being natural is at the heart of a good photo and to get to it, I’ll blend in with your guests, raise a glass, have a chat and be part of your celebrations so I’m ready to capture all those funny, lovely moments as they happen.