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Pretty much every time someone gets in touch about wedding photography, they start by saying how much they love the style of my photos. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. I love creating photos people connect with and that instinctive, positive reaction is exactly why I want couples to pick me as their wedding photographer – they’ve seen my photos, they feel connected to the way I work and they want their wedding memories to have them same creative feel.

Describing my style exactly isn’t always easy, but today I’d like to give you a better idea of what to expect when we work together.

I tend to call my photography style creative, colourful and documentary. My focus is always on the two of you, but as a documentary-style wedding photographer, I’ll also capture what’s happening around you, telling the story of your unique day, moment by lovely moment.

Documentary wedding photography means natural photos, rather than staged shots. It’s about me catching that sneaky giggle between your grandma’s, the best man’s last-minute speechwriting (busted!) or the flower girl’s dress tucked into her tights.

But while documentary wedding photography makes up most of what I do, there are other important elements too. So I can create some really beautiful, iconic photos, I always spend time taking portraits of the two of you. I might ask you to pose a little, but in a very natural way that reflects what you’re all about. This is called editorial wedding photography. Most couples – and their parents! – also want a few more traditional group shots too and I’ve written lots more about my approach to group shots.

I don’t shoot the whole day with editorial photography because life isn’t really editorial and I’m a big fan of being authentic – as a person and in my wedding pictures. That’s why, alongside photos of the two of you against a beautiful backdrop, you’ll find shots of discarded high heels by the dance floor, spilt beer bottles and cake-smudged kids. That’s a real wedding. That’s real life – and I LOVE real life in all its imperfect, untidy glory.

There’s a lot of edited perfection around us these days, on social media, in magazines and on TV. So, when I discovered a love of creative wedding photography I knew I wanted to shoot weddings in a way that makes couples think… wow, our wedding day was fun and we looked amazing. It’s the heart of what I do – creating pictures that make you feel great about yourself. Everyone ought to feel great about their wedding day, right?

Finally, you might have heard people talk about alternative wedding photography, or quirky wedding photography. My work can be both of those things, but personally I think ‘alternative’ or ‘quirky’ is more about the day you create – the style of your wedding – than the way I shoot the photos. Arriving on a motorbike? Dyeing your hair pink? You’re already ticking those boxes and I’ll document all those original little details.

As an artist I’m inspired by so many things – art, travel, music, exhibitions, nature and yoga. I feel in tune with my surroundings and I make connections with my brides and grooms. Knowing who you really are means I can document your day in the most creative, authentic way possible.

So… it all starts with you. If you’d like to chat about your plans over a cup of tea, I’d really love to meet you. Just drop me an email at

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