How to pick your wedding photographer

Every bride is excited about creating their perfect wedding day.One day of your life when you celebrate love with everyone close to your heart. It’s one day that not only you, but all your friends and family will remember.

Your wedding day can feel busy, and lots of friends who got married always tell me ‘ I don’t know where the day has gone…’ usually close to midnight. Yes, it goes fast! You might not remember every little detail so hiring a photographer you can trust to capture the atmosphere of the whole day is possibly more important than wearing something blue.

So how to pick the perfect photographer for your wedding?

Here are a couple of points worth considering before booking a wedding photographer.

1. Style of wedding photography.

Each photographer has a unique style. There are photographers out there who will capture your day in a more traditional format, and then there are photographers who will add creative edge to the photos. This can be done in the way they edit pictures or by making you jump in the sea in your wedding dress. Have a look through their portfolio. What feeling do you get from their photos? Go with one where you can imagine yourself in their pictures.

2. Budget/Price.

It really is a good idea to not skimp on the budget for wedding photography. See it as investment in your forever-lasting memories, as with time you will remember the day mainly through photographs. When hiring photographers, you normally get what you are paying for. When setting my prices, I researched the market to see the quality of photos from photographers who charge £500 for the wedding and I thought to myself that my style is more consistent and more professional.

Don’t make a mistake of hiring a mate with a nice camera.

Professional wedding photographers have an experience in what works and what doesn’t. They will guide you through your day, find that perfect spot for the one photo that your mum will cherish on her mantelpiece. Having a professional wedding photographer that understands your needs with you on your day really makes the difference!

3. Personality match.

You really want someone who is relaxed, confident and can blend in with the guests. It’s always a good idea to meet before the occasion – even if it’s Skype or perhaps an Engagement shoot. If you don’t get a good vibe from your photographer – keep looking – you want someone who knows how to bring out the best in you and your guests in order to capture all of the magic of your wedding’s atmosphere. You don’t want someone who is stressed and browses Facebook on their phone, missing all the important moments!

4. Experience.

 Like with everything in life- the more experience we have the more confidence and skill we gain. The same with wedding photographers. Ask upfront about their experience. Maybe ask about their achievements, coverage they’ve had on national wedding blogs. An experienced photographer will know how to play with light – even if it’s a winter wedding or blazing sunshine. Visit your photographers blog or Instagram account and see how they document weddings. Many busy photographers might not have up-to-date blogs but they will be able to give you access to  private galleries so you can see their work.

5. Go with your gut feeling.

We all have intuition and gut feeling! Once you’ve done your research and got to your shortlist – the best thing to do is to follow your gut feeling. The heart knows best when it comes to making these important decisions!


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