Things to think about before the big day…

With a wedding on the horizon, you’re probably up to your eyes in guest lists, playlists and gift lists – there’s a lot to think about, even if you’re keeping things simple. So… if I whisper that we need to do a little bit of photo planning, just quietly, will you try not to panic?

It honestly won’t take long, but talking through a few things before the big day arrives will help to make sure you get the wedding photos you’ve always wanted, plus an easy, breezy wedding day. Want to hear what’s on our To Do list? Ok then…

A bit of paperwork.

Chances are, you probably booked me a long way before your wedding day. That’s just the way it is with wedding photographers – we get pretty busy, and we like to plan ahead! So, about 2 months before your wedding, I’ll get back in touch, send over my invoice and send you few Q&A questionnaires about your wedding day.

This way I’ll find out what’s happening on the day, making sure we’re clear on times, locations, travel – all the practical things that will make the day run smoothly. I’ll also ask about the group shots you really don’t want me to miss, like you with your uni mates, or your other half with their great gran. I work in a natural, relaxed, documentary way (which is probably why you picked me!) so we’re not aiming for a long list of posed shots here, just a handful of must-haves.

Checking in with the ceremony venue.

Whether you’re having a registry office, religious or humanist ceremony, different venues and officials will have different rules. To be honest, it’s a good idea to ask about them before you book, but assuming that’s all water under the bridge by now, make time before the wedding to check back in and find out what’s allowed.

Some officials are happy for me to take photos at any point, others just during hymns or once the service is over. Some will even ask me to stay in a certain place. Finding all of this out well in advance means we’ll all know what to expect and I can plan ahead. If vicars or registrars aren’t happy with what a photographer’s doing, they can even kick them out – and we don’t want that!

Engagement shoots just for two.

If you’re feeling a bit wobbly about being in front of the camera, an engagement shoot a few weeks before your wedding can be a great way to shake off those nerves. It’s also a lovely chance to take some really beautiful shots of the two of you in an interesting location, without any time (or guest) pressures. I’ve written a blog all about engagement shoots, but let’s just say – I love them! If you’re interested, just ask me to tell you a bit more.

A quiet word with the camera buffs.

We’ve all seen it – the wedding guest who loves photography. The uncle with a big camera who gets over enthusiastic on the day. It’s great that they want to take photos and I totally get their passion, but every now and then someone’s so focused on their own photos that they get in the way of mine. Which means they get in the way of yours – the ones you’ve paid good money for.

So, if you think there’s someone who might just be a little bit too keen, see if you can have a quiet word before the wedding. Even better, ask your folks or your best man to do it for you. I want them to feel happy and involved on the day, I just don’t want them elbowing me out of the way!

You could even take it a step further and go for an unplugged wedding ceremony, where you ask your guests not to take photos or video during the service. It means when you look across the room you’ll see their smiling, present faces, instead of a hundred flashing phones. Most people don’t mind if they know it’s what you want – and I’ll still be there to capture everything for you.

Ask all those questions.

If there’s anything else you’ve been meaning to check or you’re worrying about, now’s the time to ask me. I’m really happy to help, so let’s iron out all those queries and make sure you’re as relaxed as possible when the big day rolls around. It’s going to be amazing!


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